Love, Hugo…

CB Trinidad Americas Summit Obama I guess it could have been a joke? “I’ll give the President of the USA a copy of my favorite book as a slap in the face, and see if he gets it!” Well, he didn’t, and he still doesn’t…

Of course the White House is denying any friendly activity between the two on the President’s recent trip to Central America.  Pictures tell a different story.

Obama himself calls upon the political capital he earned in the 08′ Election by claiming that it was a referendum on how the President should approach his peers in the world.  I agree, the 08′ election was certainly a refferendum, but it certainly doesn’t give President Obama the right to glad hand every communist kook in our corner of the world.

First there was the bow…now the book.BRITAIN G20 PALACE  And about that bow, another denial backed up by art.  But again, we’re supposed to accept the fact that it’s what the voters wanted.  I rather, think they just didn’t want McCain.  I don’t believe, as some right wing crazies (or as Homeland Security defines them – “domestic terrorists”) do, that Obama was subjecting himself to an Islam leader.  Instead, I think he was too ignorant to know what to do.  bad staff work.

Chavez, is a different story…

CORRECTION APTOPIX CB Trinidad Americas SummitSure looks like they’re palling around to me.  I know, I know….they probably didn’t order pizzas, stay up late, and talk, but do you really think a giant smile and a warm handshake is the way to go.  Hugo was playing for the cameras, and Obama just plain got played!

Bottom line, Hugo, Iran, and Cuba, he’s lining up the tri-fecta!  It’s one thing to work with you peers on an acceptable level.  I just don’t agree that these three should even be given a respectable seat at the table.  Act like a world power, get treated like one.  Obama, rewards the bad kids and sets up uncertainty for the future.

More sarcasm from me today then eloquence….oh well, some days thats just what you’re gonna get!

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