Democrats are Wrong!

How does a Congress with a 14% job approval rating, ram a flawed healthcare reform bill down the throats of the American public, and then have the audacity to claim “the people’s voice has been heard”?

How arrogant and misguided can you be?!

The reform that was passed yesterday will no doubt raise taxes, crush small businesses, drive the costs of health care even higher, and create even more red tape and big government. Obama wanted to create jobs: he just created 16,500 new jobs in the IRS alone to manage Obama Care. Pathetic.

Democrats claim victory on principle that healthcare is a right, and they’re wrong. Healthcare is NOT a right.

Maybe not today, and maybe not tomorrow, but this step in the wrong direction will lead our country down a horrible path.

Democrats are fundamentally flawed in their approach to social policy in this country. We need to promote fiscal responsibility, personal responsibility, and shrink the size and scope of our government! We need to return to the values and principles our founding fathers built this nation on!

I am not a racist, a homo-phobe, narrow-minded, ignorant, and I don’t lack compassion.

I am a christian, I am a conservative, and I am MAD!

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