The Next National Debate

USA / Mexico Border

On the heels of a forced and flawed healthcare bill, punch drunk democrats will begin to move on the immigration issue.  What should be handled as a national security issue will be made into a moral issue, and opponents labeled racist and without compassion; the new strategy of the liberal democratic party.

We currently pay billions of dollars a year educating, medicating and incarcerating illegal aliens.  All the while, our liberal friends are recruiting them as potential voters.

I am proud to live in a country that has been a bastion of hope for over 200 years. The United States is still the envy of the world, and people seek to make a life here because of it.  I welcome them!  I invite them! Their hopes and dreams can and should find a home within our borders. We must provide a strong immigration system while maintaining the rule of law.  Our process should be efficient and fair to those who want to enter our country legally.  For those who do not, we must be prepared.

First off, this is a problem in four parts.  (Economic, Healthcare, Legal and National Security)  Each part must be dealt with uniquely.

Illegal immigrants are a drain on our economy.  K-12 expenses for illegal aliens broke past $7 Billion in 2006.  Illegal aliens consume $3.7 Billion in Medicare and Medicaid benefits.  $1.1 Billion is spent annually on prison costs.  A Shocking $17 Billion are sent back to Mexico annually by illegal aliens making it Mexico’s 2nd largest industry.  THEIR 2nd LARGEST INDUSTRY!!!

Over 40,000 “Special interest Aliens”, aliens from so-called “countries of interest”, were apprehended on our northern and southern borders in 2004 alone. This presents an enormous national security issue.

This is a large issue, and involves many solutions.  Amnesty is not an option!  Enforcing the laws we currently have on the books would be a good start.  The punishment for illegals crossing our borders should be severe.  And we must create an efficient and fair system to welcome immigrants legally.

Legal immigrants MUST assimilate.  The United States is a Melting Pot, not a Salad Bowl.  Legal immigrants must learn and speak english.  They need to know and adapt to our customs and culture.  Legal immigrants need to be independent of welfare.

This is all possible, as long as you don’t buy the liberal policies of creating dependancy and again growing role of government on this issue.

More in the coming days, weeks and months…

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