Dear GOP, Don’t Blow It!

I’m writing this in the midst of watching election returns. I joked, saying that Election Night is my Superbowl, but tonight is truly historic!

Let’s be honest, the GOP hasn’t really done a whole lot to get these votes. All they’ve really done is stand up against an Obama agenda that lacked results and has been wildly unpopular. They’ve not inspired anyone, offered any results, or offered better ideas. People are angry, they’re scared, and they’re tired of the same. That’s what tonight’s landslide GOP victory is all about. This is how midterms go. It’s all about the President and the majority party. Think back to 2006, it was ugly for the GOP. Times have changed! It’s a bad year to be a democrat.

Either way, a W is a W! A win is a win! I’m not so concerned with how and why we won, as much as I am the fact that here in Tennessee it was a total bloodbath, and across the country Conservative victories dot the map. We won tonight! Conservative values won!

Tomorrow it starts, it’s on our watch, what happens next is on us. So DON’T BLOW IT!

The contract with America worked, until we stopped following it. We can’t make the same mistake again. This is the third landslide election in a row. 2006 (Anti- Bush, Iraq Vote) 2008 (Anti-Bush and Cooler than cool Obama) 2010 (Anti-Obama agenda vote). Another landslide turns things back over to the Dems. We have a shot, we got a 2nd chance, we hold the purse strings now. We can’t blow this…

The House belongs squarely in the GOP column, Pelosi is out of a Job. The Senate will stay in Dem control. If we’re not careful, Obama will spend the next 2 years blaming Republicans in the House for the continued poor economy, and lack of “change”. If we’re not careful, he’ll woo the voters back, and be cooler than before, and win re-election in 2012.

GOP needs to find a message, and stick to it. We can’t just be the party of no. We can’t just be the party of Anti-Obama. We have to share better ideas. We have to stick to our conservative values, and lead with them. We need to step out of the stone age and communicate to the voters in the 21st century. We have to step up, rise the occasion, and not let this chance pass us by.

The next election, 2012, will be another defining election. It doesn’t have to be an Obama re-election. But that all depends on how we start tomorrow. It all depends on what we do for the next two years. All that matters is what we say, and what we do.

People want results, and they’ll vote for the party who can give it to them. This country is center-right, and tonight can be the beginning of a new era.

GOP, You’re on deck, don’t strike out!

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