Don’t Tell Me Your Vote Doesn’t Count

I just wrapped up another active political campaign season.  In my line of work I often hear that one vote doesn’t really make a difference.  “Why vote?” people ask me.  I usually roll out some fairly patriotic response in an effort to guilt them into submission.  Since last Thursday’s election I’ve had a lot more to back up my argument for why everyone (who can) should vote.

The main race I was involved in, a State Senate race in Tennessee, had a total of 16,000 people vote.  The winning margin was 40 votes.  The winner won by only 40 votes!  That’s less than  1/10th of 1 percent.  In a local race for County School Board the winner won by 1 vote on election night, and had a provisional vote added to his total later making the winning margin only 2 votes!

All politics are local.  I maintain that more decisions are made at the state and local level to affect our everyday lives than ever will in Washington DC..

It matters who governs.

Voting is a privilege, don’t waste the opportunity.

Your vote indeed counts….just ask the candidates in the races I mentioned above.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Tell Me Your Vote Doesn’t Count

  1. I have a hard time voting for local and even some state elections. It is too difficult to find good information on candidates, and I refuse to vote blindly along a party line. I know it is my responsibility to be an informed voter, but I don’t think local politicians do enough to get their message out. They have to at least meet the voter half way. All I see are yard signs and goofy people holding said yard signs while waving at me at the polls on election day.

    Thanks for the insightful post though.

    1. J. Palmer you make a good point. People don’t inform themselves in most cases. They vote based on party, or who has the most signs. Personally I think campaign signs are the worst invention in politics ever. Good feedback….I look forward to following your blog!

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