Put “Statesmen” on the Endangered Species List

I’ve given much thought the last few weeks to what it means to be a “Statesman”.  We hear that term often, and many aspire to be one.  I don’t know that we see very many these days.

I heard it said once that a politician looks to the next election, while a statesman looks to the next generation.  That’s real leadership.

Compromise has become a dirty word.  It didn’t start out that way.  Whether it was Washington, the State Capital or right here at home, men and women met each other at the table of compromise to hammer out the decisions facing them…..together.

Today, there are those in elected office who wouldn’t dare walk down the wrong side of the hallway for fear of contact with “enemy”.  Unfortunately I don’t see the strength and character needed to stand up to the pressures of the day.

Ronald Reagan once said, “There is no limit to what a person can accomplish if they’re willing to NOT take credit for it.”  What an indictment on our political culture today.

My prayer is that we begin to see mighty men and women of God rise up to face the challenges of face today.  I pray that they follow their convictions, and stand on principle.  My hope is that, while compromise is necessary for some solutions,  actual truth still wins the day.  Truth is not subjective, and should never be compromised.  “Politically Correct” is rarely ever correct.

I know a great many elected officials.

I know too few Statesmen.

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