Are you better off?

It’s a simple question really…yet it seems so hard for the President and his administration to answer.

Tonight, as the Democratic Convention convenes in Charlotte, we’ll begin to hear the same old rhetoric and blame game that democrats have come to play so well.  It’s been over three years since Obama took office, and he’s still blaming Bush for the supposed bad hand he was dealt.

At what point will YOU take responsibility Mr. President?  At what point will this be YOUR fault?

We heard a lot about Hope and Change 4 years ago.  It turns out that was a bad bill of goods.  Are you better off than you were four years ago?

Instead of pointing fingers the democrats should be laying out their grand ideas, and leading the way.  Obama has had three years to do so.  All he has to show for himself are waves of disappointed people left in the wake of his rhetoric and no action.

2008 – The most inexperienced, ill prepared man in the history of the Presidency is elected.

2012 – See through the marketing ploys.  This isn’t a popularity contest.  We have a choice, that’s for sure.

Same Speeches.  Same Promises.  Are you better off?

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