The Tale of The PET Scan

Today we finally had our PET Scan. It had originally been scheduled for last week, but due to the modern wonder that is the American Health Insurance System we had to settle for a CT Scan instead.

Things went a little less than perfect…

PET Scan Selfie

Before anyone gets too upset, this update is being shared with permission from Courtney.

Before they start a PET Scan they have to inject a radioactive contrast fluid into your body via an IV. Courtney and needles do not play nice together.

A few minutes into the tech trying to run the needle into her vein, Courtney announced she was going to pass out. At first mention, it was entirely likely that she was just overreacting, and would be fine.

I could tell after a few more moments she was really about to black out. I stood up and held onto her so that I could brace her from falling out of the seat.

This has happened to her before. She has what is called a Vasovagal Reaction after passing out. The first time I remember it was during our first pregnancy. Simply passing out wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but Courtney never does anything half way!  

Then, just like that she was out…

I looked calmly into the eyes of the tech and said, “She just passed out. She’s going to have a seizure next, and when she wakes up she will throw up for about 20 minutes.” I tried to warn him.

Within a few seconds she started having a seizure. It’s pretty scary if you’ve never seen it, but I had, and I knew it was coming. It startled the tech and he helped me lay her back.

As the seizure ended and she started to wake up I calmly looked into his eyes again and said, “You’re going to want to hand me something she can get sick in.” Your think he would’ve learned his lesson the first time. He handed me a cup.

Let’s back up to the few seconds before she passed out. There was another tech in the room. As Courtney started to pass out she lunged across the room to try and help catch her. In the process she tripped over my feet, over her feet, or something. She fell down and somehow landed outside the room, on the ground in the hall. 

She was down for the count. 

I could tell she was in serious pain, and she couldn’t get up.

Fast forward back to our other tech handing me a cup. By this time Courtney had started getting pretty sick. Again, I calmly looked him in the eyes and said’ “Do you need to do anything for your colleague? She looks like she’s hurt pretty bad.” He didn’t say anything, and I was focused on Courtney.

By this time the sounds of the injured tech attracted some help for her. They carted her off to do an X-ray. I’m guessing she got an employee discount.

After about 20 minutes Courtney finally stopped getting sick. We had about 6 people helping us at this point. They brought a stretcher and let her lay down.

We still didn’t have a working IV.

After about 30 minutes of letting Courtney rest, they tried again. I prayed the walls of Jericho down in that room! Finally, it worked! They were then able to inject the radioactive contrast fluid.

We sat for an hour to let the contrast fluid saturate her whole body, and then started the PET Scan. 3 hours after it was scheduled.

I was fortunate to be able to go back to the room with her. I had to step out for a few minutes to avoid the radiation, but the rest of the scan I stayed in the room.

Despite everything, Courtney was a trooper! She’s definitely sick of testing after these last couple of weeks. We’re headed to Houston on Tuesday and crossing our fingers we won’t have any more major tests.

We hope to get results of the PET Scan early next week. We’re taking the images from the CT and the PET Scan to MD Anderson.

Thanks for the continued prayers and messages of support. We cherish every one. Stay tuned!

11 thoughts on “The Tale of The PET Scan

  1. You are a good husband . You were able to tell them step by step what would happen next. I know it was comforting to her and her parents to have you with her . I am so sorry Courtney is having to go through this, but I believe she will make it through this illness and be completely healed on the other side. To God be the glory! I am with you all in prayer and faith. They must go together . I have alerted my prayer groups and they are praying and believing for Courtney too, Love to all!

  2. The whole Bowman Hills School family is praying for you all. We are praying for strength and complete healing. I am so sorry for all you and Courtney went through during this test. Count on our prayers and thanks for the updates

  3. Prayers for her, The Lord tells us he will never leave us nor forsake us, I’m a true believer in this with we have been through ourselves, don’t give in, fight! don’t give up, we are holding you up!

  4. Adam there are many prayers being said for you Courtney and you. You know that I have always felt God has a work for you. And He knows that you need a good help mate. He is in control. Love you Aunt Sandy

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