We’re Headed to Houston

As I write this, we are waiting at the Atlanta airport for our flight to Houston.  We meet with doctors at MD Anderson starting early tomorrow morning.

Quick flight from CHA to ATL

Yesterday we got the results of Friday’s PET Scan.  They were not what we had hoped for.

Indications are that the cancer may have spread to the lymph nodes in her neck.  Specifically the lymph node on the left side, also the same side as the tumor they removed.  We will likely have to do some sort of biopsy once at MDA to know for sure.

The spot in her lung that the CT picked up did not show any activity on the PET Scan, which is a big Praise the Lord!

The PET Scan also showed some increased activity around her ovaries.  There are quite a few questions surrounding this particular finding, and will know more from doctors soon.

We’ll have a full day of appointments tomorrow, and will do our best to keep everyone updated throughout our trip to Houston.

Courtney is staying strong, still with a smile on her face.  Not sure how she’s done it, but she’s been great!

We cannot say this enough – Thank you for your prayers!  We need them now more than ever.  We know our God is big.  We know nothing is impossible for Him.  We are believing and praying for better than expected results and diagnosis when we get to MDA.

Thank you for sticking with us on this journey.  It’s certainly not one we expected to take, but it is much easier knowing we have people who love and care about us, holding us up in prayer.

Stay tuned…

12 thoughts on “We’re Headed to Houston

  1. I will surely be praying for you Courtney . We serve a great big God and he can do things above and beyond. Lots of prayers!!

  2. Praying and believing that good news comes from this journey. You and your family in our hearts and prayers. Much love from the Rowland home❤️

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