Houston – Day 2 and 3

When we last updated on day 1 we were headed to a brain MRI.  The results came back clear!  The doctors did not expect anything to pop up on the MRI, but wanted to be thorough in checking everything.

The test involved an IV, and once again we had wonderful nurses who were able to keep Courtney calm and comfortable, but most importantly were able to setup the IV on the first try.  No problems, no reactions, PTL!

Yesterday, Day 2, we waited eagerly for the results from the MDA Pathologists.  We received a call late in the afternoon letting us know that they had not completed their diagnosis and the report was still incomplete.

Today, Day 3, we started early.  The first appointment was a Neuro Interventional Ultrasound of the Neck and lymph nodes.  If you’ll remember, the PET Scan raised concerns the cancer had spread to the lymph nodes in her neck.  This test was ordered to give doctors the clearest picture yet of the specific lymph nodes in question.

The two lymph nodes that popped up on the PET Scan looked great and they were able to rule them out as a concern. During the ultrasound however another lymph node was noticed as irregular. The radiologist decided to do a needle biopsy in order to determine the nature of the lymph node in question.  Within 30 minutes we had preliminary results.  It was benign!

Our next appointment was with a doctor in the Sarcoma Center.  Again, we were told that the pathologists still had not completed their review.  This mean that MDA still did not have a complete diagnosis.

The first doctor we met with had reason to believe it could still be Leiomyosarcoma, possibly another type of sarcoma, or potentially an aggressive rare type of melanoma.

The doctor at the Sarcoma Center was able to tell us that that the Melanoma Pathologists has ruled out the possibility of it being that disease.  This left the possibility of it being LMS, or another Sarcoma.  Based on previous cases he’s had, and his overall impression of her case, he feels that we’ll end up sticking with the original diagnosis of Cutaneous Leiomyosarcoma.  We will not know for sure until the Pathologists are done with their review.

As a precaution, the Sarcoma doctor ordered a cervical ultrasound to take a closer look at the area around the ovaries and uterus.  This was another area they PET Scan showed elevated activity.  He does not believe anything will show up, but again, wants to be thorough in ruling everything out.

So for now, we’ve been told to go home.  Her team doctors will get the final diagnosis and put together a plan of treatment and care.  We have a phone consultation on Tuesday to learn what the next steps will be.  Even with the cancer not having spread there is still the issue of what to do with the area that was first discovered.  This is what they’ll be deciding.

All in all, we believe we’ve heard the best possible news we could receive at this point.  While we would have liked to know something before we go home, we’d rather it be right than quick.

Being out here has only confirmed that we made the right decision to come.  Each and every doctor, PA, nurse, tech, and staff member has treated us wonderfully!  They’ve been patient to answer every single question we’ve asked.  Most importantly they’ve answered it from a place of experience, having treated similar cases before.

I can’t tell you enough how proud I am of Courtney and how strong she has been through this.  It’s only been 22 days since we got the initial diagnosis.  In just the last two weeks she has had:

  • Full Body Physical Exam
  • Chest X-ray 
  • CT Scan
  • PET Scan
  • Throat & Nasal Scope
  • MRI Brain Scan
  • Neuro Interventional Ultrasound 
  • Needle Biopsy
  • Cervical Ultrasound
  • Uterine Ultrasound
  • Multiple Lab and Blood Workups
  • Three IV’s

She has been poked and prodded, but she’s taken it like a champ! 

It has been a sacrifice to make this trip, but we are completely grateful for the opportunity.  We’ve seen God order our steps here, and know He will continue to watch over Courtney throughout this process.  We continue to believe the best is yet to come.

We fly home to Tennessee tomorrow.  We are ready to be home and see our kids!  We’re ready for whatever comes next!

As always, thank you for your prayers.  Many of you have asked how Courtney is doing, or how I am holding up.  The answer to both those questions is, great!  I firmly believe that’s because of your prayers.  We have felt strength, and we have felt a lot of peace throughout this trip, and I know that is because prayer works.  We continue to covet those prayers.

As we head home tomorrow, we will keep you all updated when we know more from the team at MDA. 

Love you all…
Adam & Courtney

18 thoughts on “Houston – Day 2 and 3

  1. I am so happy and so thankful to the Lord for such great news. You guys are awesome and the Lord loves you. He will take care of His children. Try to rest in Him, go home and enjoy your children and family! PTL!

  2. Adam and Courtney we know that when God is in control the outcome will always be the best. We are so proud of your faith. Love you Aunt Sandy.

  3. Mom (Janey Patten) and I have been praying for your all! Thanks for the updates! We will continue to pray and believe!! Sending love and hugs!!

  4. We are so proud for good reports. God is good all the time. We lift Courtney and the family in prayer. Praying for your strength as a care giver. Peace over your children. Mom and Dad to rest in his arms. Healing and Peace over your family

  5. Karen an I are so happy to hear the good reports. Our God is faithful and He does order our steps… He is also a wonder- working Miracle making God … and we are praying that we will see His Hand continue to work for you…

  6. This is good news and I am praying for you and your sweet family as you travel this journey. Hugs and hurry home to those kids!

  7. Great news and thank you so much for the updates. We are all so very concerned for all of you and are very THANKFUL that our GOD is complete control.

  8. Thank you so much for the update. You and Courtney are in my prayers daily. I am thankful for the miracle God is giving Courtney daily. We are praying for you, Courtney, Jimmy and Sharon. We are praying for your precious kiddos. You have hundreds of people holding your family up in prayer. What God has started, He will bring it to completion.

  9. Courtney and Adam this is Teresa Gilbert, my husband Steve and I met you several times at parties. We are Megan’s aunt and uncle. My husband went through several months of being told he had lymphoma and we understand everything you guys are going through. During this time may you learn to trust in God more than ever, even though you might question WHY, that is normal and God understands our frustration. There are lots of scriptures that I could give you but there is a song that we listened to that helped encourage us on a daily basis. The song is “I Know” by Kim Walker Smith. May you be encouraged and blessed as you listen and dwell on the words! Love and Prayers continually.

  10. Thanks for the update on Cortney ! You two are living the vow : in sickness and in health ! You are doing a great job ! Our Heavenly Father has control of this whole situation and soon we will hear good news that will lead to treatment to correct issues ! 😊💕🙏for you two and rose in Cleveland .

    1. Thanks for the update on Cortney ! You two are living the vow : in sickness and in health ! You are doing a great job ! Our Heavenly Father has control of this whole situation and soon we will hear good news that will lead to treatment to correct issues ! 😊💕🙏for you two and those in Cleveland !

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