Surgery Scheduled Back in Houston

When we last updated, we let you know that surgery will be the next step for Courtney.  The date for that surgery has been set, and we will fly back out to Houston next week for surgery on November 3rd at MD Anderson.


The goal of this surgery is to go back to the original location of the tumor to remove more tissue in and around the area.  If you’ll remember, the tumor was found on her left temple, right along the hair line.  The procedure was done by a physician’s assistant at the local dermatologist’s office.  At the time, they believed it to be a common skin cancer.  In short, they didn’t know what they were actually looking at, and as a result they didn’t do a comprehensive enough removal to satisfy the doctors at MDA.

The surgical oncologist at MDA will attempt to remove more tissue from the area.  They hope to be able to close the surgical site with existing skin, but may need to a skin graft.  This decision will be made during surgery, and will depend on how much tissue is ultimately taken out.  She will be under anesthesia for the duration of the surgery.

After surgery pathologists will study the tissue to ensure that no microscopic cancer cells are present.  Based on their findings we’ll know whether or not radiation will need to be done.  They have already ruled out chemotherapy, and we are praying that radiation won’t be needed either.

Post surgery we know that we will have multiple trips back to MDA for testing and scans.  4 times a year the first year, and 3 times a year after that.  Despite the fact her cancer was caught early, it is still a very aggressive type, and typically jumps to the lungs.  Radiation, if necessary, will be done there as well.Doctors will watch her closely over the next few years as we make multiple more trips.

Please continue to pray as we head back out to Houston.  Pray for a smooth surgery.  Pray for good anesthesiologists.  (Courtney’s body has not reacted well to anesthesia in the past)  Pray for safety as we travel.  Pray for a minimally invasive surgery, that will not have any significant cosmetic impacts due to scarring, hair loss, etc.  Pray for safety as we travel.  Pray for continued healing!

Thank you for the continued love and support.  We couldn’t do it without you!  We have talked to countless people every day who tell us they are praying.  We’ve even run across strangers who are lifting us up in prayer.  It is an overwhelming yet comforting feeling.  Thank you, please keep them coming!

Love you all…

Adam & Courtney



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