Headed back to MD Anderson

It’s been three month’s since Courtney’s surgery at MD Anderson to remove additional tissue from the site of her tumor.  Tomorrow (Tuesday) we return for our first follow-up with the doctors, as well as preventative testing.

Houston Skyline during late afternoon looking east

It’s hard to believe it’s already been three months!  When we last updated, we had just received the news that doctors were confident they’d removed more than enough tissue and deemed her margins “clear”.  No other treatment has been necessary since surgery.  We have been incredibly grateful for that.  We were able to enjoy the holiday season with a deep sense of peace and thankfulness.

We fly out on Tuesday and spend the day at MD Anderson on Wednesday.  They will do a soft tissue MRI of her head and neck to ensure that nothing has returned to the area of concern.  We will have a follow-up appointment with the doctor who performed her surgery to review results of the MRI, and determine what, if any, next steps will be needed.

We run into so many people who remind us that they are still praying.  We continue to covet those prayers.  As we head back there are three specific concerns we’re asking you to remember in prayer.

  1. At the incision site of the surgery, a spot has popped up on the surface of the skin.  Remember that the site of the original tumor was on her left temple, just below the skin along her hairline.  A spot has popped up in this same place, and in much the same way the original tumor started.  Obviously this is a little concerning and we’ve alerted doctors in advance of our visit, and they are prepared to look into it.  Please pray for peace of mind, a thorough check of this area, and no reoccurrence!  We are believing for continued good news!
  2. Recently Courtney began experiencing heart palpitations.  They started off very sporadic, but over the last couple of weeks they have become much more regular and long lasting.  At a recent visit to her primary doctor here in town they completed an EKG.  The results were questionable, and she has been referred to a cardiologist and will be wearing a heart monitor.  Although it is unlikely the heart palpitations are related to her surgery or cancer, we’d ask for continued prayer for her overall health.
  3. Last but not least, please pray for wisdom for her doctors.  The team at MD Anderson has been outstanding.  Because of how rare the cancer is it has even been a challenge for them to accurately diagnose her.  We have a peace about being back out there, and know we are in good hands.

We will not have any new information until late on Wednesday.  I will be quick to share any news once we have it.

Thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts, for keeping Courtney in your prayers, and continuing to support us through this journey.

-Adam & Courtney

4 thoughts on “Headed back to MD Anderson

  1. Adam and Courtney,

    I am so glad that you a great holiday and God has given you peace! I will be praying for all of you and family!

    Love u all!
    Brenda Hayes

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