Texas Sized Grateful

We started the day at MD Anderson early, with a head and neck soft tissue MRI.  The prospect of another IV was not a welcome one, but Courtney did great!  The nurse did even better!  First try, within seconds.  PTL!



After the MRI we had a scheduled meeting with Courtney’s doctor, the surgical oncologist who performed surgery in November.  He started the appointment by sharing the results of her MRI from a couple hours earlier.


No signs of reoccurrence!

Courtney shared some concerns about a spot near the original site.  After careful inspection he was able to determine that it was in fact a dissolvable suture that had not fully dissolved, and had worked it’s way to the surface of the skin.  It had caused a slight irritation, which gave it the look and texture she was concerned about.  He used a small tool and removed it easily.

No further treatment or testing needed at this time.

Rather than see us back in 3 months (the previous plan was to visit quarterly) he advised we should come back in 6 months.  They will do follow-up scans and x-rays, and continue to monitor closely for any change or potential spread.  He explained we’d be on a 2-3 year journey with him, until he could fully clear her.


While we received great news today from the team of physicians at MD Anderson, we believe the Ultimate Physician stepped into Courtney’s situation and had His way!  At almost every step of this journey we can look back and see His hand at work.

Even with the good news today brought, we haven’t had the chance to fully unpack everything we’re feeling.  But one feeling is inescapable…


We are grateful for so many who have prayed for this day!

We are grateful for those who have supported us in so many ways the last 7 months!

We are grateful for family and friends who have walked this journey with us!

We are GRATEFUL for God’s healing touch in Courtney’s life.



9 thoughts on “Texas Sized Grateful

  1. Our God is so Awesome! HE has this in HIS HANDS!! Prayers continue for you, Courtney and your precious family! God Bless You All!

  2. HaPpY, HaPpY, HaPpY!!!
    Thankful! Excited! Grateful!
    Knowing, Believeing, and seeing our Lord prove His Word: By His stripes, Where 2 or 3 are gathered, Ask what you will, Ask with faith believing, on and on. Praise The Lord. Love to you all! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to petition God on your behalf . God is so

  3. I am so glad that God has put his special touch on Courtney and continue to be with your great family I am so thankful! I will be continue to keep your family in my prayers!

    Love u all!
    Brenda Hayes

  4. Oh I love this so much! I love he details. I appreciate the fact you take time to update this blog for all the people who love and are praying. I love the pictures of beautiful Courtney! I can see such grace and thankfulness in her smile! Adam you look so happy to know your wife is healed, and walking in it. I love yuh guys! Prayers for you!

  5. Praising Him for your good news! Thanks for allowing others on this journey and petitioning the great Physician on your behalf is a privilege and blessing!

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