Adam Lewis Writes

We’ve just come through a pretty intense season of life here in the Lewis family. Plenty of ups and downs. The beauty of any difficult season are the silver linings produced. We’ve had our fair share of those also. One in particular I’ve found in my life specifically…I love to write!

I started this blog several years ago, with every intention of sharing regular content. Life has a way of getting in the way sometimes. I posted sporadically every few months on a range of topics. I never really found my rhythm or consistency.

Fast forward to August of last year, and Courtney’s diagnosis. I came back to the blog in an effort to keep people informed during our journey. It worked well for this purpose.

In the midst of writing the many updates we’ve posted over the last 7 months, I fell in love with writing again. Before, I thought I had to be a professional, or have a following in order to call myself a writer. I got to hung up on the title. I now know, it’s really just about doing what I love.

So, moving forward, I look forward to writing more, and sharing it here on my blog. Twice, maybe three times per week. The topics will likely still range, from faith, to family, what I’m learning about leadership, and occasionally the political topic or current event of the day.

For those of you who may have connected with us due to Courtney’s story, this may be where you want to hop off the train! Ha!

In all seriousness though, one of the reasons for my renewed commitment to write, is the encouragement and affirmation I received from many of YOU these last few months.

I look forward to doing more of what I love.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by. I hope you will again, and often.

7 thoughts on “Adam Lewis Writes

  1. Hi Adam
    Your a very talented person, with a lovely wife and beautiful children. I keep up.
    Been praying for the cancer to leave town.
    Keep writing. Enjoy ur talents.

  2. Adam we have never met you but we are Ron & Cathy Campbell, from Chickasaw, Al, but now live in Atlanta. Our only connection will be this far is that your father-in-law was a great friend of Ron and his best man in our wedding. Thus our interest in Courtney and lifting your family in pray. I was blessed bu your blogs. You lifted me up with your faith and dependence. Praise the Lord for His mercy and healing. I am looking forward to you continuing the blog.

  3. Hey! Adam, I have enjoyed keeping up with Courtney and your precious family! I am looking to reading your writings!

    Love to your family!
    Brenda Hayes

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