A Snowflake’s Guide to Not Being Offended

Has society slapped you in the face?

Do you find yourself lost in a world of protest hashtags?

Did your candidate flunk out of the Electoral College?

Are you bothered that a Muslim can be elected President in this day and age?

Can you believe what Madonna said?!

Then this article is for you!!

It’s easy to constantly be offended in today’s world. Recent studies have shown that being offended increases your risk of heart attack, stroke, and hypocritical intolerance.

These 12 steps are designed to help you prevent being offended.  Follow them closely and see the difference they can make in your life today!

  1. Stop taking yourself so serious. No one else really does.
  2. If you weren’t offended or even aware of the problem before you saw it trending on Twitter, then get over it! Can I get a #Kony2017
  3. Recognize that celebrities (although over-paid disproportionally by gender, apparently) also have a right to free speech. It’s just more annoying when they complain about stuff.
  4. Keep things in perspective. I survived 8 years of Obama, you will make it through Trump.
  5. For Christians: There is a reason we have a special term. So don’t act surprised when the world, acts like “the world”.
  6. Repeat after me – “There is a difference between being offended and simply disagreeing with someone.” Rinse and repeat as needed.
  7. Train your brain to ignore any breaking news alerts that include the hashtag #SCOTUS.
  8. Back away from the keyboard or keep scrolling.  Either one is a necessary response when you read a post that makes your “Oh no he didn’t!” flare up.  Reality is, no one is going to change their voter registration, or become un-gay because of your Facebook response.
  9. Accept the fact that “Privilege” is a real thing, and it comes in ALL the colors of the rainbow.
  10. Use the “Family Restroom” at Target.  It is usually cleaner, more spacious, and it’s a one-seater.  Problem solved.
  11. Unless you’re one of the 300k+ homeless veterans in this country, don’t get too worked up over the refugee “crisis”.
  12. Let go of your hostility toward the inanimate objects that hold our society hostage with their hate and violence. I.e. Flags, Guns, Chicken Mini’s, etc.

Work these 12 easy steps to take your life back. You deserve it!

*Results may vary

We Are Better Than This

A friend put into words the real truth about this election.  Thank you Jeremy Harrell for sharing!

Over the past several weeks, I’ve watched as good people on every side of the presidential race abandon or outright destroy longtime friendships with good people they’ve known for decades but who happen to see the election differently. I’ve seen the same thing happen among family members. 

Good people are calling other good people racists, hate mongers, traitors, anti-American, anti-Christian, RINO, crazy, lunatic, stupid, baby killer, evil or worse because they disagree over which of two people – neither of whom they have ever met – they should or shouldn’t vote for. 

Good people have decided it is ok to abandon our common courtesy and be rude to other good people. None of this is one-sided, and I’m both guilty and a victim myself. 

Presidential candidates should call us to something greater than ourselves, but this election is bringing out the worst in us. 

Over the next four weeks we’ll each have to justify for ourselves why we will or won’t vote for one of two deeply flawed people to lead our country. For some of us the decision will be easy, and for some the decision will be extraordinarily difficult. Regardless of the decision (for either candidate or just to not vote) most all of us will have to abandon some personal principle or standard in order to make it. If we say we aren’t we’re fooling ourselves.

I pray for our country, and for those who seek to lead it. I hope that when this is over we can bind up the wounds and divisions that have been created by this race. I hope we’ll all remember who our friends are, and regret the terrible things we said to and about one another, and find our better selves. I hope that those of us who claim the name of Jesus Christ will remember who we are, remember where we find our identity, and recommit ourselves to reflecting His character and nature. And I hope we’ll look back on this last year with profound sadness for what we became and commit to one another that we will never again let this happen. 

I hope.

Post Debate Wrap-Up

Another GOP Presidential debate is in the books.  

This was the debate CNBC should have had…
It was nice to see less candidates on the stage tonight, although I hated to see one of my favorites (Chris Christie) demoted to the “kids table”.  The smaller number of candidates on the big stage really gave us a chance to hear more specific proposals.

Here’s my rundown.  Keep in mind, I’m evaluating them through the lense of viability in a general election.  After all, that’s what we should be aiming for here, the best candidate to win next November.

BEN CARSON – Came out swinging after a week of intense scrutiny.  “I don’t mind being vetted, I mind being lied about.”  Welcome to the NFL Dr. Carson.  He didn’t get as much talk time as I would have expected for a front runner. His closing statement was on point.  It’s time to change the narrative.

DONALD TRUMP – What is this, his 4th debate?  Nothing new, and likes to repeat himself.  I get it Donald. You want to build a wall.  John Kasich is lucky Ohio struck oil. He’ll be the best on the military.  America isn’t winning anymore. He’ll rip up the deal with Iran.  For everything else, he watches “the shows”.  It’s way past time Donald,  you’re fired!

JOHN KASICH – John wants to talk, a lot. One of the more experienced candidates on the stage, he’s too moderate to get the nomination.  He needs to learn some manners when it comes to interrupting.  His response when pressured about bailing out the banks was very disjointed, and scary. He won’t rise in the polls, which only means it is a matter of time for John.

JEB BUSH – I actually thought Bush had his best night of the debate season. Bush claims we don’t need to be the worlds policeman, but we do need to be the world’s leader.  Something about American Exceptonalism gets me every time.  Still not a strong enough night to jump out of the rut he’s in.

CARLY FIORINA – Carly is really good at pivoting from the question to answer one that wasn’t asked, it’s an art. She’s sharp, she’s articulate, she’s for zero based budgeting!  She tells the truth in a way that just makes sense.  Another solid performance from Carly.

TED CRUZ – After a standout performance last debate, Cruz did not capitalize on that momentum tonight.  He regularly throws out lines that have been scripted well in advance, hoping to rack up as many zingers as possible.  He committed a Rick Perry by promising specifics he couldn’t remember.  You can find out more by visiting TedCruz.org,  which he mentioned thrice.

MARCO RUBIO – “Welders make more than Philosophers. We need more welders and less philosophers.”  He made a good point when it comes to higher education, but he probably lost the philosopher vote. Pro Family, one of the reasons I like Marco.  His diagnosis of Vladamir Putin was spot on. Strong night for Rubio.

RAND PAUL – Rand took a swing at Rubio’s tax plan, but I think it fell flat, as evidenced by audience response.  I appreciate his conservative stance on all spending. He’s too far right to be a viable candidate in the general, and ironically he’s too far right to win the nomination. With Christie and Huckabee gone, Rand Paul needs to be next.

Winners = Rubio and Fiorina
Biggest Losers = Kasich, Bush and Paul

Thanks for letting me share a quick gut reaction to each candidate.  What were your thoughts on tonight’s debate? 

Thank You Speaker Boehner

Before you accuse me of drinking the establishment cool-aid, read to the end whilst doing your best to keep your partisan head (extreme or otherwise) from exploding…

John Boehner

I purposely avoided making any comments regarding Speaker Boehner’s resignation last Friday.

Primarily because I thought the move spoke for itself.

However, within hours this move was celebrated by some, and almost all of them were conservatives.

I have a problem with this.

Divisiveness among Republican ranks has been  never good for the strength of the party.  They party you say?  Why does the party matter?  Because whether you like it or not, we still govern using a two party system.  So the “party” of your choosing…matters!  The health of the party…matters.  The effectiveness of the party…matters.  Who governs the party…matters.

Division shows weakness.  It shows irresponsibility.  It shows lack of vision.

I imagine Democrat’s favorite past time is to watch Republicans gain a majority, and then watch them flush it down the toilet because of division and strife within our ranks.  We’ve gotten really good at it, and Democrats almost always come out the winners.

Don’t misinterpret me, I believe a shift at the top was well overdue.  I wish Speaker Boehner had spent more time representing those who gave him a majority in the House, and ultimately the Speaker’s Gavel.  Instead, he spent more time  keeping the peace between Congress and the White House.

However, I still respect him, his service, and the many good things he did over his 25 years in public office.  For that, and at time like this, he deserves our appreciation.

Some are touting this as a win for Conservatives.  I see it as another blow.

Now isn’t the time to celebrate.

Now isn’t the time to fund raise off the back of a man on his way out.

Now isn’t the time to claim credit for opposing your party’s Speaker.

Now is the time to thoughtfully consider the future of Republican leadership in the House.

Now is the time to double down.

Now is the time to be respectful.

Now is the time to be unified.

Now is the time to be strong.

The Day I Became Interested In Politics

I’m often asked what sparked my interest in politics…

It was the fourth day of my freshman year in high school. The year was 1996.


Former Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole was in the midst of an all out battle for the White House against incumbent president Bill Clinton.  We know today that we was not successful, but on that day his Presidential race was alive and well.

He was making a scheduled stop at my small Christian high school in Dayton Ohio.  The Secret Service had arrived in force the day before to take up shop in my science class and got straight to work.  By the next morning my locker had been sealed shut with some very official looking tape.  It is the one and only time I’ve ever used the excuse, “My homework was sealed in my locker by the Secret Service.” excuse and it actually work.  Go figure!

The day of the event came and the first thing I noticed when I stepped foot on school grounds was the crush of national media attention.  Satellite trucks from every channel and network imaginable seemed to have take over our parking lot.  Once inside the doors we were sent through a security screening before being allowed back to our classrooms.  I’m fairly certain we didn’t have any actual classroom activities that day.  I could be mistaken.  If we did, I clearly wasn’t paying attention.

Then at around mid-morning the event was set to kick-off.  It was not open to the public, but there were plenty of people invited.  There was a courtyard in the middle of the school typically reserved for the cool kids lunch table, but on this particular day it hosted a Presidential contender on the worlds stage.  An announcer blared over the PA system an introduction of the candidate and the crowd roared.  I stood there, perched hanging out of a first floor window looking out on the courtyard in awe as a small piece of history played out before my eyes.

I couldn’t tell you anything specific from his speech that day.  It was more of a forum of sorts than a traditional speech.  I don’t remember what policy or program Senator Dole was pitching, or what attack he may have hurled at the Clinton campaign.  Aside from a few noticeable faces in his entourage I don’t remember who else attended that day.

But what I do remember has stuck with me since that day.  I remember the pomp and pageantry of a national campaign stop.  I remember seeing people in person that you’re only supposed to see on CNN or the nightly news.  I remember watching a man who had dedicated his life to public service try to influence and persuade people to cast a vote to help elect him leader of the free world.  I remember being in awe of seeing a national election up close, and impressed by the grandeur of it all. That day sparked an interest in politics for me, one that has not waned since.

Since that day I’ve become more convinced with each passing election that it truly matters who governs.  The policies and principles of an individual, and a party, matter in how they govern.  There is absolute truth, and our faith should guide the decisions we make at home, at church, and in the public arena.

My appreciation and respect for the process has only grown stronger since that day 17 years ago.  I admire those who offer themselves for public service, even when I don’t agree with their philosophy. We are fortunate to live in the greatest country on the face of the earth.  I pray we don’t take it for granted.

Question: What about you?  What sparked your interest in politics?  What is your view of our political process?

Are you better off?

It’s a simple question really…yet it seems so hard for the President and his administration to answer.

Tonight, as the Democratic Convention convenes in Charlotte, we’ll begin to hear the same old rhetoric and blame game that democrats have come to play so well.  It’s been over three years since Obama took office, and he’s still blaming Bush for the supposed bad hand he was dealt.

At what point will YOU take responsibility Mr. President?  At what point will this be YOUR fault?

We heard a lot about Hope and Change 4 years ago.  It turns out that was a bad bill of goods.  Are you better off than you were four years ago?

Instead of pointing fingers the democrats should be laying out their grand ideas, and leading the way.  Obama has had three years to do so.  All he has to show for himself are waves of disappointed people left in the wake of his rhetoric and no action.

2008 – The most inexperienced, ill prepared man in the history of the Presidency is elected.

2012 – See through the marketing ploys.  This isn’t a popularity contest.  We have a choice, that’s for sure.

Same Speeches.  Same Promises.  Are you better off?

Put “Statesmen” on the Endangered Species List

I’ve given much thought the last few weeks to what it means to be a “Statesman”.  We hear that term often, and many aspire to be one.  I don’t know that we see very many these days.

I heard it said once that a politician looks to the next election, while a statesman looks to the next generation.  That’s real leadership.

Compromise has become a dirty word.  It didn’t start out that way.  Whether it was Washington, the State Capital or right here at home, men and women met each other at the table of compromise to hammer out the decisions facing them…..together.

Today, there are those in elected office who wouldn’t dare walk down the wrong side of the hallway for fear of contact with “enemy”.  Unfortunately I don’t see the strength and character needed to stand up to the pressures of the day.

Ronald Reagan once said, “There is no limit to what a person can accomplish if they’re willing to NOT take credit for it.”  What an indictment on our political culture today.

My prayer is that we begin to see mighty men and women of God rise up to face the challenges of face today.  I pray that they follow their convictions, and stand on principle.  My hope is that, while compromise is necessary for some solutions,  actual truth still wins the day.  Truth is not subjective, and should never be compromised.  “Politically Correct” is rarely ever correct.

I know a great many elected officials.

I know too few Statesmen.