Update on Courtney – #2

This afternoon we finalized an appointment with specialists at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. We will fly out next Tuesday and begin to meet with the MDA team next Wednesday morning.The first day or two they will do a complete work-up, review labs, re-read pathology slides, and previous scans. They could order new scans, and possibly do other forms of testing. They’ll be able to determine if in fact the cancer has, or hasn’t spread. The best possible news at this point would be to confirm that it has not. That is what we’re believing for. Once they determine that, they’ll put their heads together on treatment options moving forward.
We are continuing local visits and consultation with our doctors here. Courtney has a PET scan scheduled for Friday to help clarify some of the images seen on the CT. Our hope is that nothing new will be found, and the specialists at MDA will work with our local doctors to come up with a treatment plan that can be done locally.
We’re already thankful for the care and expertise we will experience in Houston. They have every specialty represented, every type of oncologist, every type of test, clinical trials, research studies, and more, all under one roof. We are going to see the best in the world.
Please pray for us as we prepare to go. We’re scrambling to line up travel arrangements to, in, and from Houston in less than 6 days. There are a lot of logistics and needs to work out. We have been told to plan on being there 5-7 days. The kids will stay behind in Cleveland.
Thank you again for all the prayers. They are absolutely helping! We praise the Lord for that!
Thank you for all the words of encouragement, advice, texts, Facebook messages, offers to help, etc. We have not been able to respond to them all, but have read each one. 
Please continue to believe and pray with us as we take the next step of this journey. Peace. Healing. Wisdom. Thank you!

Adam & Courtney